CK Design Technology Inc.

W-Series Linear Actuators

with feedback
2", 4", and 6" stroke
25 to 150 lbf loads


  • Animatronics
  • R.P.V.s & U.A.V.s
  • Special effects
  • Robotics
  • Remote Control Motion


  • Low cost models
  • Long life motors
  • Speeds up to 5/sec
  • RC Plug & Play with our Servo Motor Controllers

These compact and rugged actuators provide consistent performance in harsh environments. All W-series actuators are offered in 2", 4", or 6" strokes with 10k pots. The W10-Series are low cost actuators that come in 25, 40, & 75 lbf loads, and 13.5 or 26vdc motors. The W70-Series and W90-Series actuators have long life high performance DC core-less MAXON motors, that could provide up to 5/sec and loads from 50 to 150 lbf.


Stroke:2", 4", or 6"
Feedback:10K Multi Turn
Drive:ACME screw
End play:≤0.010"
Static load:300lb
Stall Force:Double rated load
Restraining torque:20in lb
Mounting:1/4" Clevis
Data Sheet:W-Series Data Sheet
Volt @ Amp14V@6A peak26V@2.4A26V@4.2
2 VDC26V@3A peak6 Amp peak8.5 Amp peak
Motor fuse:Thermal auto resetOptionalOptional
Motor temp:-20°C to 65&C-20°C to 120°C-20°C to 140°C
Duty cycle:30%50%50%
Rated load/speed:25lb @ 3"/sec50lb @ 3.0"/sec60lb @ 5.0"/sec
Rated load/speed:40lb @ 1.5"/sec100lb @ 1.5"/sec100lb @ 3.0"/sec
Rated load/speed:75lb @ 1"/sec150lb @ 1.0"/sec150lb @ 1.5"/sec
Mates With Our:S6PWM Servo AmpS6PWM Servo Amp12PWM Servo Amp