CK Design Technology Inc.

All Orders:To start the order process, please fill out our Fax Order and Information Sheet, to the best of your knowledge and fax to us at: 805-522-9379. You can download it at Once we receive your request, we will contact you. Orders over $2,000 may require a up to a 50% down payment to start the order. We will then fill your order with our most careful attention and customer service.
Terms:New Customers & International orders: To be prepaid prior to shipment by credit card, check, money order, or wire transfer.
Credit Card Orders: We accept American Express, VISA or Master Card.
In some cases we may give a Net 15 term.
Our maximum customer credit limit is $10,000.
Wire Xfer. Info:Please call for bank information.
Shipping:All Orders:
F.O.B. Simi Valley, CA.
Recipient pays all shipping, duties and taxes.
*On any shipment you can arrange a pick up by your preferred courier. You supply the shipping documents to us.

We ship by Federal Express or UPS only. This charge will be on your final invoice.
You may use your FedEx or UPS account number for the shipping charge.

International orders:
We ship by Federal Express only.
All related shipping charges are billed to your Federal Express account number.
Please supply us with any special export documents that may relate to you order.