CK Design Technology Inc.

L13-Series Mini Linear Actuators

1.8" Max Stroke
Up to 100 lbf Force
With Limit Switches


  • R.O.V.s, U.A.Vs., R.P.Vs.
  • Industrial Motion
  • Special Effects
  • Aerospace/FAA
  • Robotics / A.I.
  • Animatronics


  • Long Life Motors
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Planetary Gear Head
  • Dual Ball Bearings
  • Long Life Switches
  • Wide Temp. Range

This Professional Linear Actuators combines power and speed in a rugged miniature precision package. Built for long life, this precision actuator features our custom built Core-less, Neodymium Magnet DC Motor. It may be operated from 12V to 28V DC. With an estimated life of 10+ million cycles all our L-Series Linear Actuators include these standard features: Planetary gearhead; SS acme lead screw; SS drive gears; SS rod; SS Hardware; SS Dual Ball Bearings; Mil Spec. Limit Switches; and it incorporates Dynamic Braking. Each actuator is fully factory tested and load cycled tested before it leaves our dock.


Voltage/Amps:12-28VDC @1.2A max.
Optium Voltage:26VDC
Current @50% D/C Load:.25 Amps Typical @26vdc
Body-Dimensions:3.0"x 1.37"x 0.935"
Weight:7.0 oz
Duty Cycle Loads, Speed:See Control Dwg.
Stroke:.625; 1.0; 1.5 or 1.8 ±5%
End Play:0.002" Typical, .008" Max.
DC Motor:Coreless, Neodymium Magnet
Motor Protection:Thermal Auto Reset
Temp. Range:-60° to 130° deg C
Case:6061-T6 Anodize Finish
Linear Rod:304 Stainless Steel
Acme Drive:Custom Lead Screw & Nut
Static Compression Load:150 lbf Max. Fully extended
Static Tension Load:200+ lbf
Linear Potentiometer:Not Available (see L16-Series)
Limit Switches:10M+ Cycles (Mil 8805/109)
Harsh Environment Protection (HEP) Option available.
Data Sheet:L13 Data Sheet PDF
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